In two days' time, transiting Sun will travel into an exact 90 degree squared connection with Jupiter.  Twice a year we encounter this aspect, which is neither "good" nor "bad," neither "positive" nor "negative" -- it is simply a tight connection that cannot be avoided, such that the human species must collectively (in some way) deal with the archetypal combination as it manifests through each of us individually.

Using a 7 degree "orb," this aspect started on August 30 and lasts until September 12.

Archetypally, Sun is the Golden Child, while Jupiter is the Teacher/Traveler.

The Golden Child represents the youngster in us -- enthusiastic, adventurous, filled with curiosity and heart-felt expression.  There is a spontaneous, fun-loving nature at play here, willing to take risks for the chance to engage life fully.  There is also a self-luminous quality present here -- the Divine rising up from within, connecting with others in an innocent and receptive way.

The Teacher/Traveler represents expansion -- gaining wisdom through experience, through connecting with other people and other cultures, broadening our horizons.  It also symbolizes the teacher and the student in us -- an exchange of information meant to grow us at the soul level.  It reminds us to use our discernment, since not all information is "correct" or true.

So, we are living in a time-window (climaxing on September 7) through which we are challenged to open up in a child-like and adventurous way to new and fresh encounters that promise to broaden our experiences in life.  We are asked to set aside our preconceptions in order to access "beginner's mind," which is innocent and untouched, totally receptive to nuances that we may have missed in the past.  At the same time, we're asked to filter incoming data and information, knowing that everyone has a bias and no one has a corner on "truth."  Our Golden Child heart, while enthusiastic and anxious to engage the game of life, is also equipped with a "truth detector" that will know when the Teacher/Traveler is bending facts to suit our inward, secret agenda -- so we need to listen to our hearts, take in what we feel to be true, and let the rest go.

While this combination of Sun squaring Jupiter can lead to enlightening and light-hearted experience, it can also lead to seeming mistakes based on a lack of experience -- and this is how we learn.

Live and learn.

It's not about perfection; it's about availing.  Now is a time to immerse ourselves, rather than hanging back until some mythical set of ideal circumstances arrive.

This is a short period of time when we as a species are able to take ourselves a little less seriously -- a time when we can learn without resistance, enjoying ourselves as though encountering life for the very first time.

My astrological rating for this time-period:  A Sweet Spot, for sure....

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