Today, Sun is at 11 degrees Pisces, while Saturn is retrograde at 11 degrees Scorpio.  The two "planets" are separated by a 120 degree trine, something that only happens twice each year.

Saturn can be thought of as the Parent, while Sun would be the Child.

Saturn in Scorpio tends toward a ruthless, totally-honest process of tearing down and cutting away that which no longer serves our overall karmic evolution.  Sun in Pisces tends toward taking risks in response to a childlike desire to test the forbidden.  Together, there is a willingness to let go of the old and tired, and to welcome the new and adventurous.

This transit is at its peak today and will wane over the next several days.  At this moment of maximum influence, we're given a chance to return to our childhoods, when perhaps we just wanted to be kids -- to run free, play in the street, create a world that adults would never understand -- but we were also under the control of well-meaning adults who felt it their duty to mold us into a set of rules and regulations.  We're prodded to look into this dynamic, and to find love for both the parent and the child.

Are we still kicking and screaming, resisting our parents' efforts to shepherd us into adulthood?  Has the inner-child -- who says, "Look at me, Daddy!" -- been buried under the weight of responsibility?

An interesting thing to remember is that, as life rolls along, the Elder Leader (Saturn) gradually returns to a more childlike state.  This archetype slowly drops its need to control, becoming more tolerant, patient and curious as life's lessons take hold.  As time goes by, Saturn becomes more Sun-like, such that, as we revisit the old rivalry between the two, we begin to notice that they're now on the same team.

On this day, we're encouraged to allow ourselves to play, no matter how solid the boundaries around us.  We have permission to bend the rules a little -- eat some ice cream at lunch, maybe cut away from work an hour or two early, take the long way home.

Being that it's Friday, we may just want to get the weekend started a little early.

No work this weekend, only play.

3/1/2013 08:39:26 pm

This transit reminds me of my parents, who were Scorpios, and I was the Pisces son; however, they sure were not willing to step aside and allow me to shine at any point in their lives.

3/2/2013 01:49:42 am

Sounds like your parents had control and fear issues, Jeffrey -- a symptom so common to our society's dysfunctional family structure. It sets up a very challenging process for transformation, and you've done an amazing job, my friend.


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