I learned astrology (originally) within the context of Jungian Archetypal Psychotherapy, as taught by my mentor Charles Bebeau (who was a direct student of Dane Rudhyar, among others).

To graduate with certification as an archetypal therapist, I wrote a paper from which I extracted the attached essay, which is an explanation of the 12 archetypes we used at Boulder's Avalon Institute (now Archetypal Academy).  It also gives some Jung quotes about archetypes, and briefly discusses Jung's use of astrology (see the last couple paragraphs).

My readings nowadays, while incorporating more and more from Evolutionary Astrology, is based on the archetypal language and symbolism expressed in this essay.

Let me know what you think!

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This past Monday I went in to the dreaded day job, knowing that my weekly hours had been reduced to a pittance.

Visions of Top Raman and toast danced across my mind's eye.

I sought and received a professional astrology reading on Wednesday.  The astrologer looked at me and said, "You need to take the plunge.  No more weekend warrior.  Time to play with the Big Kids."  He gave me all sorts of advice that will help immensely as time goes by.

Thursday (yesterday), my wife (who has worked at the same dreaded day job as me for the past five years) came home and announced that she was quitting her job to help her father with the family business in southern Colorado, among other callings.  She's now free to drive down there as often as is required.  Just like that, she is done with that ol' paycheck-to-paycheck life.

So here we are, yes?  Living on borrowed time, faced with the life that's been waiting for us for the longest time.

Oh, sure, I've been doing readings for years and years -- nearly 20, in fact.  And I can honestly say that I've loved every one of those readings, always ending them up with the thought, "Geez, this is what I should be doing for a living."  Some of my clients tell me the same thing.

So here it is, then -- the moment when "what I should be doing for a living" commences.

You are witness to a line drawn in the sand.  Back there behind the line:  the old life, filled with false security, limitation and stasis.  In front of the line:  readings, workshops, classes and retreats, all of it based on what I've been gifted with during these many years in the cave.

Oh, there's a little anxiety over the money thing, mixed with self-questioning and second-guessing.  Mostly, however, there is excitement and anticipation, knowing that I could not be more ready.

A Curator of Clarity is now OPEN, ready to get down to the business of Truth.

Here's a link to a post I just wrote at my practice blog, called Samma-Samadhi.

Please enjoy it, and comment away!

If you've got some feedback for improving this site... please leave it in comments!  I am seriously curious to see what everyone thinks, and am anxious to make it... right!

Life may seem a little crazy for you -- there certainly are good astrological reasons for feeling harried and stressed -- so I'm offering a particular perspective (along with a set of tools) that may just bring enough succor to gain footing in bliss, joy and ecstasy.

My goal is to offer astrological and Tarot readings, combined with dreamwork and intuitive insight, as mediums through with clarity comes to the surface of our awareness.  Plans are also in the works for weekend retreats (possibly longer), workshops and teaching presentations.  This alone may be enough to satisfy your current needs -- knowing that certain cycles and patterns are alive in your life, so that you may adjust your beliefs, thoughts and emotions accordingly.

On the other hand, you may be moved to initiate more radical changes in your daily existence -- changes that lead to a rigorous and skillful ecstatic contemplative practice, around which the other elements of your life are arranged.  So, the second aspect of my goal here is to build a support community -- local and international -- designed to assist contemplatives in their practices.  An ongoing group meditation practice is being planned for those who live in or near Boulder.

So, if you've been led to read these words, you may just be thinking in terms of Big Change.  You are to be congratulated on your willingness to pass through the straight gate in order to follow the narrow way.

It's good to know you.

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