Lao Tsu on a bull.
From an archetypal perspective, the planet Jupiter is the Teacher/Traveler, and the sign Taurus is the Artist/Priestess.

With Jupiter having exited Aries (the Warrior) two days ago, and migrated into Taurus, we move from an initiating period into a year-long grounding and stabilizing process.  While Jupiter was in Aries, many higher-level ideas -- some would say "spiritual" in nature, the essence of teachings we've received from great beings like Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Lao Tsu through the centuries -- have been translated into action on the ground.  The "Arab Spring" uprising would be a case in point, as long-repressed people in the Middle East have taken to the streets with demands for a better life.  While this particular expression of Jupiter in Aries continues to play out, we can look for a relative stabilization over the next 12 months, as regimes change and new systems of authority arise in their place.  The challenge will be for these new systems to be based on a "higher" set of principles, aligned with the great world teachers' best and brightest utterances -- but we all know how complicated things become once the human collective gets its hands on higher teachings.

[By the way, when I invoke great world teachers like Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Lao Tsu, I'm not suggesting that their teachings have a direct role in current revolutionary change (although the Middle East is obviously influenced by the Qur'an and the Tradition grown up around Muhammad).  I'm just  saying that humanity's highest principles and ideals have been expressed through figures like these -- and these same high principles and ideals are now finding expression through collective human activism.  It all comes from the same Source, ultimately.]

I find it interesting with this combination that Jupiter wants to travel, gain new experience, meet new people and challenge individual assumptions... while Taurus wants to build a beautiful, nature-infused nest, get settled in, and engage a process of finding emotional and spiritual succor there.  Is there a potential conflict here?  Are we being pulled between nestling into our comfort zones versus heading out on epic journeys?  I don't think so.  I think we may foster a sense of security at home -- a home-base, so to speak -- from which to launch-out into adventures here and there.  Besides, we don't have to travel across the globe to exercise Jupiter's desire for travel; we may do so in our dreams, through reading, through meeting interesting people at the corner bar, and so forth.

Aries brought inspiration to the higher ideals highlighted by Jupiter; Taurus translates this inspiration into a work of art.

So, we as a species possess a year-long opportunity to elevate the discourse -- to bypass the sensationalist and vapid mass-market mind-candy spewed by corporatist media -- and, utilizing the power of the Internet (as was done by organizers of the Arab Spring), engage a global discussion of how to "take back the planet" for everyone.  This discussion would, due to Taurus' earth quality, explore concrete solutions and possibilities, so that, when Jupiter moves into Gemini on June 12, 2012, it will be time to disseminate these solutions and possibilities to an ever-expanding audience.

With Jupiter entering a trined (120 degree) transit with Pluto (the Dark Mother), this particular Jupiter in Taurus phase is strongly connected with the idea of death and rebirth -- especially since Taurus is the polar opposite of Scorpio (also the Dark Mother).  Using a 7-degree orb, Jupiter will trine Pluto all the way into April of 2012, just two months before Jupiter leaves Taurus.  This suggests that the changes begun during Jupiter/Aries will go very deep during Jupiter/Taurus, and will be genuinely transformational in nature -- we're talking about radical shifts, the combination of which future historians will identify as a global turning point.

Tired old paradigms are gasping their final breaths, even as a new expression of life sprouts upward (the symbol for Aries!).  The old paradigm will not, of course, go down quietly -- we already know how messy planetary death and rebirth can be, as we've been living it for some time now.  Jupiter's journey through the signs, starting in Aries and heading through each sign in succession, maps out the timing and contours of humanity's emerging new life.

Exciting as it is, we're just at the beginning.

6/6/2011 09:05:40 am

Be interested to know how that will be affecting us Virgos!

6/6/2011 09:16:52 am

Hi Beccie -- I'm guess that you Virgos, being earth signs like Taurus, will help keep things organized as we explore concrete solutions and possibilities. We need your attention to detail as we line up for Jupiter/Gemini in a year. You also bring a lot of soul to the process -- you keep it "real." Finally, you show the rest of us how this process can lead to genuine healing. So, the way this process affects Virgos is that it calls on your specific gifts and qualities to help the rest of us stay grounded throughout. To the extent that you're able to respond to this challenge, you'll gain clarity over issues that may prevent full participation. In any case... it happens automatically, so we'll just sit back and wait for it to happen...:)

6/6/2011 09:27:42 am

Very interesting stuff there, and it sort of does answer some questions too! Thankyou for that Michael - will watch out for more of your writings, I'm enjoying this!

6/6/2011 09:31:44 am

I'll try to remember to put you on my "tags" list, Beccie -- although I usually go blank when it comes time to do that...:)

6/6/2011 11:39:16 am

Well Micheal I certainly resonate with feeling the aries in Jupiter energy the last year. I think that at the very least alot the collective subconcious power structures saw some serious fracturing. The big theme I see now being talked about is that of globally connected, local economies, possibly even resembling networked tribes.
The technology (which will be a distillation and compression of larger industrial systems) is emerging check out openfarmtech.org for one decent example. There are many others, its a decentralized networked movement and no one particular group is heading it up. Just strong nodes that emerge, and if not true to the general movement they fall off the collective energy wave, with a new node popping up somewhere else. One can not keep track of it all at any sort of micro level, you will go nuts, and I suspect many in power are doing just that.
There are many many positive feedback loops forcing economies and communities back to a localized level,from the necessity of transitioning to renewable energy, to security, to attempts to regrow new social structures and somehow it is all connected, even on the cosmic astrology level. My rationale mind still can't really process that, but I've seen enough "coincidences" to realize somehow it must be...
The challenges though are many. Making ones life simple with the ability to fluidly react seems very important. Its hard to know which way the currents will flow, so really feeling out a situation as opposed to boldy reacting to an idea that sounds good is important, at least thats the thing I'm trying to teach myself.
Oh one last observation, I've been watching lots of my narratives on life crack. Same with those of many people around me. Somehow a higher light has penetrated them and they seem fake. I've also observed people seemlesly weave new narratives, often to their advantage. Its probably an age old game I'm just catching on too, but it reminds me one should really try to understand who's narrative you are acting under..

6/6/2011 01:41:44 pm

Thanks for the awesome reply, Nick! I love how connected you are with emerging sustainable technologies and open-source movements -- these are EXACTLY the sorts of things I'm talkin' about, happening somehow under the radar as collective consciousness moves to a whole new level -- leaving the old paradigm to die on the vine. Astrology (and other such disciplines) tap into a synchronistic tapestry that operates along collective archetypal lines -- I don't know precisely why it works, but it does, and it's part of my dharma to harness celestial language in support of our collective transformation. Regardless of what a person thinks about astrology, you've managed to interpret my little reading of Jupiter moving into Taurus in a way that truly brings my points across, grounding them in reality as it unfolds before our very eyes. Thank you, dear friend.

6/6/2011 11:26:45 pm

If, the planet Jupiter is the Teacher/Traveler, and the sign Taurus is the Artist/Priestess, then it must be a good time to be a mendicant.

6/6/2011 11:49:24 pm

Well-said, Jeffrey -- you are the poster child for Jupiter's migration over the next year, for sure -- and that's a GOOD thing....

6/7/2011 03:31:27 am

Thanks Michael. I enjoyed reading your perspective. I totally agree with you. With the vibration of awareness rising up faster and faster at this time there are many feeling uncomfortable and many who have chosen to leave the physical at this time. I encourage people to not look on the shift as negative, and it is a necessary shift for us to all be able to evolve into even higher vibration.

In love and light

12/3/2013 04:54:02 am

Good read


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