Today, Sun is at 11 degrees Pisces, while Saturn is retrograde at 11 degrees Scorpio.  The two "planets" are separated by a 120 degree trine, something that only happens twice each year.

Saturn can be thought of as the Parent, while Sun would be the Child.

Saturn in Scorpio tends toward a ruthless, totally-honest process of tearing down and cutting away that which no longer serves our overall karmic evolution.  Sun in Pisces tends toward taking risks in response to a childlike desire to test the forbidden.  Together, there is a willingness to let go of the old and tired, and to welcome the new and adventurous.

This transit is at its peak today and will wane over the next several days.  At this moment of maximum influence, we're given a chance to return to our childhoods, when perhaps we just wanted to be kids -- to run free, play in the street, create a world that adults would never understand -- but we were also under the control of well-meaning adults who felt it their duty to mold us into a set of rules and regulations.  We're prodded to look into this dynamic, and to find love for both the parent and the child.

Are we still kicking and screaming, resisting our parents' efforts to shepherd us into adulthood?  Has the inner-child -- who says, "Look at me, Daddy!" -- been buried under the weight of responsibility?

An interesting thing to remember is that, as life rolls along, the Elder Leader (Saturn) gradually returns to a more childlike state.  This archetype slowly drops its need to control, becoming more tolerant, patient and curious as life's lessons take hold.  As time goes by, Saturn becomes more Sun-like, such that, as we revisit the old rivalry between the two, we begin to notice that they're now on the same team.

On this day, we're encouraged to allow ourselves to play, no matter how solid the boundaries around us.  We have permission to bend the rules a little -- eat some ice cream at lunch, maybe cut away from work an hour or two early, take the long way home.

Being that it's Friday, we may just want to get the weekend started a little early.

No work this weekend, only play.

If you're like me, you're feeling a bit lost in space these days.

While you'd love to settle in and ground yourself in the moment, the larger part of you is swimming in an unfamiliar body of water -- like you've never been here before, you have no map, and no one seems to know how to get there from here.

Your being wants to disconnect from it all, to float free and allow some Greater Intelligence to guide and direct you -- but who can afford to do that?

There's rent to pay, groceries to buy, meetings to attend, deadlines to satisfy.  We're mired in collective economic distress -- we can't just let go from the sense of control we think we have... right?

Well, it's not like we have any choice in the matter.

These past few days, the planet Saturn (time and structure) is in an exact 120-degree aspect with Neptune (timelessness and a wild abandonment of structure).

We are ALL dealing with distortions in the space-time continuum.

We are ALL questioning our grip on things.

And, especially, we are ALL challenged to be okay with this set of circumstances.

We're asked to allow this review of our basic beliefs.  We're asked to consider, in an open-minded way, different options for negotiating the unfoldment of our lives.  We are, in fact, prodded to release from our need to control things, and to TRUST that these underlying shifts and turns will eventually place us in an optimal position in this life.

Our human family is collectively working it out.  We, as individuals, DO have a role to play.  A new and improved reality IS in the offing.

We must, however, practice patience.  There's no point in jumping from one neurotic action to another -- we just spin our wheels when we do that, we waste our energy, and (in the end) we experience intense resistance when we could just as easily experience the music of FLOW....

My advice -- to myself and others -- is to listen to the still, small voice inside, which strongly suggests that we follow a shared urge toward contemplation.

We need to curl up with a book.

We need to pray.

We need to check-in with our bodies, breath into the painful spots, allow PNEUMA to trigger relaxation and healing.

We need to release from the self-imposed expectations that rob us of the present moment.

We need to free ourselves into timelessness -- and in this freedom, we will learn what it is to function at a high level... regardless....

After all... this, too, shall pass....


In two days' time, transiting Sun will travel into an exact 90 degree squared connection with Jupiter.  Twice a year we encounter this aspect, which is neither "good" nor "bad," neither "positive" nor "negative" -- it is simply a tight connection that cannot be avoided, such that the human species must collectively (in some way) deal with the archetypal combination as it manifests through each of us individually.

Using a 7 degree "orb," this aspect started on August 30 and lasts until September 12.

Archetypally, Sun is the Golden Child, while Jupiter is the Teacher/Traveler.

The Golden Child represents the youngster in us -- enthusiastic, adventurous, filled with curiosity and heart-felt expression.  There is a spontaneous, fun-loving nature at play here, willing to take risks for the chance to engage life fully.  There is also a self-luminous quality present here -- the Divine rising up from within, connecting with others in an innocent and receptive way.

The Teacher/Traveler represents expansion -- gaining wisdom through experience, through connecting with other people and other cultures, broadening our horizons.  It also symbolizes the teacher and the student in us -- an exchange of information meant to grow us at the soul level.  It reminds us to use our discernment, since not all information is "correct" or true.

So, we are living in a time-window (climaxing on September 7) through which we are challenged to open up in a child-like and adventurous way to new and fresh encounters that promise to broaden our experiences in life.  We are asked to set aside our preconceptions in order to access "beginner's mind," which is innocent and untouched, totally receptive to nuances that we may have missed in the past.  At the same time, we're asked to filter incoming data and information, knowing that everyone has a bias and no one has a corner on "truth."  Our Golden Child heart, while enthusiastic and anxious to engage the game of life, is also equipped with a "truth detector" that will know when the Teacher/Traveler is bending facts to suit our inward, secret agenda -- so we need to listen to our hearts, take in what we feel to be true, and let the rest go.

While this combination of Sun squaring Jupiter can lead to enlightening and light-hearted experience, it can also lead to seeming mistakes based on a lack of experience -- and this is how we learn.

Live and learn.

It's not about perfection; it's about availing.  Now is a time to immerse ourselves, rather than hanging back until some mythical set of ideal circumstances arrive.

This is a short period of time when we as a species are able to take ourselves a little less seriously -- a time when we can learn without resistance, enjoying ourselves as though encountering life for the very first time.

My astrological rating for this time-period:  A Sweet Spot, for sure....

From our friend and sage, Maurice Fernandez:

Today April 9 or 10 (depending on where you live) a very special configuration occurs with Moon opposing Venus exactly on the Nodes at 5 Gem/Sag. This is a very potent alignment, like an eclipse effect, where both Moon/Venus energies are amplified: Peace, multi-cultural exchange and tolerance, love... Be sure to mark this event with a meditation/invocation, especially as it will hoover the sky of Syria as well as Israel who need all of the above.

The event will be angular in these locations:

Santiago, Chile (moon on Asc) 8:30pm April 9
Melbourne Australia (Venus on Asc) 10:30am April 10
Tel Aviv Israel/Damscus, Syria (Moon on MC) 3:30am, April 10
Moscow, Russia (Moon on MC) 4:30am April 10.

In the US:
5:30pm Pacific coast (April 9)
8:30-pm Eastern Coast (April 9)

Lao Tsu on a bull.
From an archetypal perspective, the planet Jupiter is the Teacher/Traveler, and the sign Taurus is the Artist/Priestess.

With Jupiter having exited Aries (the Warrior) two days ago, and migrated into Taurus, we move from an initiating period into a year-long grounding and stabilizing process.  While Jupiter was in Aries, many higher-level ideas -- some would say "spiritual" in nature, the essence of teachings we've received from great beings like Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Lao Tsu through the centuries -- have been translated into action on the ground.  The "Arab Spring" uprising would be a case in point, as long-repressed people in the Middle East have taken to the streets with demands for a better life.  While this particular expression of Jupiter in Aries continues to play out, we can look for a relative stabilization over the next 12 months, as regimes change and new systems of authority arise in their place.  The challenge will be for these new systems to be based on a "higher" set of principles, aligned with the great world teachers' best and brightest utterances -- but we all know how complicated things become once the human collective gets its hands on higher teachings.

[By the way, when I invoke great world teachers like Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Lao Tsu, I'm not suggesting that their teachings have a direct role in current revolutionary change (although the Middle East is obviously influenced by the Qur'an and the Tradition grown up around Muhammad).  I'm just  saying that humanity's highest principles and ideals have been expressed through figures like these -- and these same high principles and ideals are now finding expression through collective human activism.  It all comes from the same Source, ultimately.]

I find it interesting with this combination that Jupiter wants to travel, gain new experience, meet new people and challenge individual assumptions... while Taurus wants to build a beautiful, nature-infused nest, get settled in, and engage a process of finding emotional and spiritual succor there.  Is there a potential conflict here?  Are we being pulled between nestling into our comfort zones versus heading out on epic journeys?  I don't think so.  I think we may foster a sense of security at home -- a home-base, so to speak -- from which to launch-out into adventures here and there.  Besides, we don't have to travel across the globe to exercise Jupiter's desire for travel; we may do so in our dreams, through reading, through meeting interesting people at the corner bar, and so forth.

Aries brought inspiration to the higher ideals highlighted by Jupiter; Taurus translates this inspiration into a work of art.

So, we as a species possess a year-long opportunity to elevate the discourse -- to bypass the sensationalist and vapid mass-market mind-candy spewed by corporatist media -- and, utilizing the power of the Internet (as was done by organizers of the Arab Spring), engage a global discussion of how to "take back the planet" for everyone.  This discussion would, due to Taurus' earth quality, explore concrete solutions and possibilities, so that, when Jupiter moves into Gemini on June 12, 2012, it will be time to disseminate these solutions and possibilities to an ever-expanding audience.

With Jupiter entering a trined (120 degree) transit with Pluto (the Dark Mother), this particular Jupiter in Taurus phase is strongly connected with the idea of death and rebirth -- especially since Taurus is the polar opposite of Scorpio (also the Dark Mother).  Using a 7-degree orb, Jupiter will trine Pluto all the way into April of 2012, just two months before Jupiter leaves Taurus.  This suggests that the changes begun during Jupiter/Aries will go very deep during Jupiter/Taurus, and will be genuinely transformational in nature -- we're talking about radical shifts, the combination of which future historians will identify as a global turning point.

Tired old paradigms are gasping their final breaths, even as a new expression of life sprouts upward (the symbol for Aries!).  The old paradigm will not, of course, go down quietly -- we already know how messy planetary death and rebirth can be, as we've been living it for some time now.  Jupiter's journey through the signs, starting in Aries and heading through each sign in succession, maps out the timing and contours of humanity's emerging new life.

Exciting as it is, we're just at the beginning.

Now that I've been relieved of the dreaded day job (as of March 30, in fact), and am firmly ensconced in one of life's rare and delectable windows of transformation, it feels wonderful to jump back into a flow of communication that leads to connection... with you.

Today I've spent a little coffee shop time updating the Meditation page on this site.  Mainly, content has been added to a renamed middle section of the page, now called Ecstatic Meditation Peer-Mentorship.  There, I offer to assist those who are serious about arranging their entire lives around a rigorous and skillful contemplative practice.  Head to the link above for further details.  I look forward to working with the "chosen few"....

Also, I'd like to initiate a potentially-international Skype meditation group that meets weekly, at a time to be determined.  This way, we can remain in the comfort of our own homes, and all the prep-work that went into our local 2010 Boulder group (i.e, cleaning, cooking, brewing Chai tea) can be set aside, and all our energy can go into Silence.  Again, visit the Meditation page for details -- and if you're interested, let me know, and I'll get busy coordinating a time (or times) for our cyber-group to meet.

* * *

During the rest of my week, I'll be working on promoting the oracular portion of this site.  I know that the prices I charge may seem beyond reach for some of you, so I want to be more explicit about the "financial assistance" part of the deal (beginning by calling it something different, yes?).  I'll let'cha know when that's been firmed up.  When it comes to establishing a meditation practice that leads (among other things) to a release from various neuroses and a sense of overall well-being (despite possible appearances to the contrary), it may be helpful to have someone like me look at your chart, pull some cards, or offer dreamwork assistance.  Why?  Because, once we get behind the surface aspects of our life's drama, and we begin to see where we are in the cyclical unfoldment of our overarching process, we're able to relax the vigilance we exert in clinging to our fears, forebodings and other anxieties.  The point is to "clear the deck" even while opening to the meditation space -- which, for beginners especially, inevitably exposes those aspects of our being that we most ardently resist.  I don't wish money (or lack thereof) to prevent anyone from tapping these most valuable spiritual tools -- but, please know that this is my livelihood, and anything you can do by way of compensation keeps the boat afloat.

The question is, why consult signs and symbols when we are modern citizens of the Scientific Age?

What possible benefit could come from an examination of planetary positions at the moment and place of birth?

Did we not leave such superstitious ideas behind when Darwin and Descartes came along?

Granted, Carl G. Jung did much to restore interest in alchemy, astrology, Eastern traditions and the realm of the intuitive. He studied dreams in himself and thousands of clients over the years, and even sent his most challenging clients off to have a horoscope drawn up. He recognized through his theory of synchronicity that there is no such thing as randomness, that everything in this reality unfolds along archetypal lines, and that this unfoldment occurs according to alchemical cycles that appear to have been embedded in the collective unconscious of humanity. Jung was not afraid to look into the dark past for insights into psychological pathologies of modern existence – and what he found during this search was that the ancients were far better equipped to understand the workings of the mind and soul than are scientifically-conditioned “experts” of current times.

Jung paid a price for his rediscoveries, of course, in that his work was marginalized and discarded by the psychotherapeutic establishment, which retains a Freudian perspective to this very day.  So-called "Jungians" are typically regarded by the mainstream with a wink and a nod, at best.  Nevertheless, Jungian ideas have infiltrated the field of psychology in subtle (yet profound) ways, even as these ideas have done wonders in establishing astrology in the West.

Dane Rudhyar, whose work spanned the middle 50 years of the 20th century, crystallized Jung's revolutionary perspective and combined it with the ancient art of astrology, publishing in 1936 one of the truly original – if nearly-unknown – works of psycho-spiritual synthesis ever produced: The Astrology of Personality. In this book (as well as in most of his writings), Rudhyar showed that astrology is not about predicting future events, but about bringing order out of chaos, giving the individual a roadmap for psychological unfoldment along organic and cyclical lines.

In my consultations, then, it is this ideal of “bringing order out of chaos” that informs the proceedings.

Through this “higher ordering,” something profound and mysterious occurs, and it is this deeper process that gives astrology its true value.

We spend so much of our lives “in the middle of it,” plugging away, often just surviving what seems like a random mess of external influences that push us here and there. We are conditioned, in fact, to believe that this is how life really occurs – that things just happen, and we should respond as best we can. The idea that life unfolds in cycles that may be interpreted through signs and symbols is not something to be taken seriously – so we just push ahead, doing what we can within our limited range of vision.

If nothing else, these past 18 years of working with astrology has shown me that life is not random, that it does unfold according to a collective framework that manifests cyclically, and that these cycles have been expressed through the signs and symbols of astrology for thousands of years.

Astrology puts the individual in touch with the collective, the micro with the macro, and it gives us the opportunity to avail ourselves of a collective perspective that is literally infinite in scope. It is like being put in a spaceship, flown way, way up into our local solar system – into the realm of the Archetypes – and given the opportunity to see life from the point-of-view of higher understanding. From this higher platform of knowledge, order is introduced into what the individual experiences as chaos.

While it's true that, in identifying certain cycles running through the client's chart, an occasional insight will arise that may be taken as a “prediction” for future events... what is actually happening is that the client and I are arriving at a synchronistic point of understanding. Together we “see” something clear and obvious, even though it may have been sitting on the client's nose for years and years. This is an alchemical process, such that, when the two of us climb into the “alchemical crucible,” we have availed ourselves of a Mystery that expresses through signs and symbols. We have immersed ourselves, in fact, in a sea of signs and symbols, submitting to anciently-derived collective wisdom that comes to bear on the present moment.

As I explain this and describe that during a routine survey of astrological data springing forth from the chart, signs and symbols are transmuted into insights that trigger connections and associations within the client. These connections and associations then trigger a similar process within me. In short order, the client and I are seeing one another as an uncanny mirror, sharing in this deeply intimate moment a recognition of an otherwise unconscious human heritage.

There is something profoundly healing in the intimacy of this meeting, beyond even what the signs and symbols represent. It is as though the signs and symbols create a doorway to the holy place of awareness before we take birth, and in this holy place we find a spiritual connectedness that is independent of the form and drama of our current life. We have agreed to spend an hour or so in this place, suspending our conditioning and our beliefs about the should's and shouldn'ts of life... and we make ourselves available to a wisdom that can't be accessed in any other way.

Perhaps this description sounds forth as memory and resonance from beyond the chaos of your everyday life.

If so, perhaps the alchemical crucible may be calling you.

Have any of you used this deck?

I've posted a link to it at the forum, here.

The Kaballah has always interested me, although I've felt that my Gentile status somehow disqualified me from really diving in there to learn it.

I have a good friend, however, who was raised Catholic but who has a certified Kaballah teacher... so that shows you what I know!

A very gifted ecstatic contemplative in the American Midwest — a “natural” who has engaged me through an email mentorship for the past year or so — is also the possessor of a brilliant capacity for engineering alternative-energy facilities, and is thus in great demand in the world.

Recently (but not for the first time), he brought up the subject of a rigorous and skillful meditation practice.  With his busy schedule, wherein he is often on the road and living out of motel rooms, it is difficult to structure his days for the purpose of sitting a solid three hours (in three sessions), let alone spending each night lucid in the non-material realms.

For this young man, however, the main difficulty is not lack of time.

It is the fact that, when he eventually finds time to sit, he quickly merges into ever-deepening meditative absorption states (jhana/samadhi), and when a given session ends, his desire for engaging the outside world in any way has completely evaporated.  He just wants to sit in a cave somewhere, content to be saturated in bliss, joy and ecstasy while the world floats by just beyond.

Many meditation teachers would hear this and say, “You see?  This is why meditative absorption (jhana/samadhi) is to be avoided at all costs — it is too enticing, to readily desired, just another object to which we are liable to become attached.  Just ignore it!  Pay it no mind at all….”

These teachers, of course, either have no experience with jhana/samadhi, or they have been conditioned to suppress the phenomenon.  This, despite the undeniable fact that the Buddha himself encouraged his students to develop and sustain — throughout their earthly lives — the various stages of absorption (jhana/samadhi).

Truth is, Gautama described the 8th and culminating stage of the Noble Eightfold Path in terms of meditative absorption — thus bestowing on us the name of this blog!

  • 8. Right absorption (samma-samadhi) “And what, monks, is right absorption? (i) There is the case where a monk — quite withdrawn from sensuality, withdrawn from unskillful mental states — enters and remains in the first absorption (jhana): bliss (piiti) and joy (sukha) born from withdrawal, and applied and sustained attentions (vitakka and vicára). (ii) With the stilling of applied and sustained attentions (vitakka and vicára), he enters and remains in the second absorption (jhana): bliss (piiti) and joy (sukha) born of absorption, unification of awareness, applied and sustained attentions (vitakka and vicára) — internal assurance. (iii) With the fading of pleasure (piiti), he remains in equanimity, mindful and alert, and sensitive to bliss (piiti). He enters and remains in the third absorption (jhana), of which the Noble Ones declare, ‘Equanimous and mindful, he has a pleasant abiding.’ (iv) With the abandoning of pleasure and pain (sukha and dukkha)– as with the earlier disappearance of elation and anxiety — he enters and remains in the fourth absorption (jhana): purity of equanimity and mindfulness, neither pleasure nor pain (sukha and dukkha). This, monks, is called right absorption.”

So, I did not discourage this young and gifted ecstatic contemplative from meditating. For me, a rigorous and skillful meditative practice is the most valuable and meaningful thing a person can do in this world.

When all else fails, a practice that gives rise to (and maintains) bliss, joy and ecstasy will provide a strong foundation, a loyal and trustworthy base on which we may always depend.

We may lose our job, our partner may leave us, the dog may run away… but the fruit of a rigorous and skillful meditation practice will always be there, ready to dissolve our neuroses and leave us in a place of true perspective, able to cope in a stressful world that would otherwise lead us to any number of medication “solutions.”

“But,” he insisted, “you don’t understand! If I let myself become absorbed in jhana, I won’t want to do anything! I won’t want to work, won’t want to leave the house — my whole life will fall apart!”

I do understand, actually.

For many years now, I’ve shared his sentiment, and have followed it for long stretches of time.

Without a good enough motivation, what point is there in getting up from the cushion, when the world offers nothing even remotely comparable?

What it comes down to — and this is what I told him — is the motivation of helping others.

It comes down to recognizing that, through our rigorous and skillful meditation practice, we have gathered fruit (attainments) that should not be horded, but should be made available to anyone who may need them.

Does this mean that my friend should quit his job and become a dhamma teacher?

No, not necessarily.

It just means that, instead of seeing everyone in the world as a potential hindrance to our practice — as someone who “would never understand” and is thus likely to detract us from what is most important — we need to open our hearts to everyone. We need to act from this place of bliss, joy and ecstasy, so that the little things (the things that make a big difference in everyday life) pour out of us in abundance. Small acts of connectedness — a smile, a door held open, a wave of the hand so that someone else can have that parking spot — are where the fruits of a skillful and rigorous meditation practice are most readily distributed.

In turn, our practice carries outward into the world, 24/7.

At some point, of course, there may come an opportunity to talk about meditation, about the Noble Eightfold Path, about Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, or about St. John of the Cross. At some point there may come an opportunity to mentor someone, to contribute to the small (very small) pool of ecstatic contemplatives who have chosen to build their lives around their practice.

As for the incapacitation that threatens the contemplative upon coming “up” from deep samadhi, I can only say that I understand it and that it is nothing to be dismissed out-of-hand.

At the same time, however, I know that the right motivation (caring for others) is enough to do the job, and that we ecstatic contemplatives must keep this foremost in our minds.

The rest, as they say, takes care of itself.

According to my information, Saturn moves from the sign of Virgo into Libra at 11:09:01 a.m. (U.S. Mountain Time) on Thursday, October 29.

Saturn, which rules the earth sign of Capricorn, is moving from another earth sign (Virgo) into an air sign (Libra). Saturn represents structure, systems, authority, rules, social position/expectations and so forth – and it becomes even more grounded in the material plane when it travels through another earth sign.

This particular earth sign (Virgo) has (since September 2008) influenced Saturn through issues of health and healing. There has been, of course, the seemingly-endless U.S. healthcare delivery debate, as well as dire warnings around the H1N1 virus with its notorious vaccine. While major media have focused on the devastating financial, emotional and physical effects on the uninsured and under-insured in the U.S. (while also presenting frightening stories around the so-called “Swine Flu” epidemic that may or may not materialize), the almost 14-month-long Saturn-in-Virgo signature has sparked a classic “healer's journey” for many others.

This healer's journey has highlighted the connection between career and physical well-being. This last year has been a time when many have realized just how separated they have been from a sense of purpose in their work, to the point where this misalignment has manifested in physical pathology. In the wounded global economy, employment has suffered in general, increasing stress on those who are negatively impacted by a family member's sudden loss of work. In the U.S., lack of employment usually means absence of health insurance, which adds another layer of burden on those who are dispossessed by the economic system. Many are losing their homes as a result of the damaged financial system. All of this serves to weaken the immune system, leaving many open to injuries and illnesses, which only speeds the sense of a downward spiral.

Some, on the other hand, have begun to utilize chaos in the System as a springboard into their life's work. This has meant simplification, getting rid of objects that no longer serve them, cutting back on spending... engaging a process of transformation from one way of life to another. One aspect of the new way of life has been to discover the blessings of a healthy lifestyle, including a natural diet, exercise, meditation and creative expression. Through “embracing the descent” and reaping the wisdom embedded in so-called difficult situations, these brave beings derive spiritual healing and growth from what others experience as pure negativity.

In other words... they turn their lemons into lemonade!

From October 29, 2009 to October 6 2012, Saturn expresses itself through Libra.

Here we may expect issues of social justice, loyalty, fairness, tolerance and openness to new ideas to emerge as dominant influences in our lives. Where some would say that the past several years have seen an assault on the social fabric of the U.S. (and, by extension, the entire world), it would appear that the long-anticipated collective consciousness shift is finally beginning to bear fruit. Even though politicians have been slow to enact genuine reform in response to the overwhelming electoral shift at the end of 2008 (for fear of angering their corporate sponsors), the population continues to insist on a drastic program of change toward a better world. Saturn in Libra, confronted with intransigence within an entrenched System, opens the way for direct transformation from the ground up. Relationships are coming together through powerful social networks like Facebook, allowing people from different ends of the planet to organize efforts toward change. The net effect of this hyper-collectivization is to elevate universal consciousness no matter how much resistance is presented by the corporatist media. There is a definite drive toward the formation of new combinations of talents and gifts, using the Internet and other technical means to overwhelm systems of control, thereby paving the way for the sort of change that seeks to pull the planet back from the brink of disaster.

On a personal level, these next three years are a time of clarity in terms of our individual relationship with social structure. We are drawn to kindred spirits, organizations and movements, joyful as we find that we are not the only ones who desire positive change. This is also a time for the formation of strong personal relationships, including business partnerships and marriage. Existing relationships are re-confirmed and re-dedicated, as we come to realize just how important our family bonds, friendships and partnerships are. Intellectually, we are able to clearly perceive those with whom we wish to align, and the impulse during these three years will be to access new alliances based on the vividness of this understanding.

I don't mean to imply that everything will go easily. Those with an agenda to maintain the status quo will not lay down quietly. Those who are blinded by fear and hatred will not be easily turned from their deep-seated fundamentalist-type beliefs. The world remains polarized on many levels, such that it may take generations before the collective reaches a point of universal peace and goodwill.

What we anticipate through Saturn in Libra, however, is the notion of reaching a critical mass of collective consciousness, such that there will be no going back to the negative entropy that has marked so much of the industrial age. Saturn in Libra brings a level-headedness that allows the collective to effectively (and even dispassionately) deal with the difficulties that have been handed down to the world, paving the way for Saturn's move from Libra into Scorpio... when the old structure finally breathes its last breath, making way for a new creation that more truly reflects the spiritual, emotional and intellectual state of an evolving humanity.

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