Now that I've been relieved of the dreaded day job (as of March 30, in fact), and am firmly ensconced in one of life's rare and delectable windows of transformation, it feels wonderful to jump back into a flow of communication that leads to connection... with you.

Today I've spent a little coffee shop time updating the Meditation page on this site.  Mainly, content has been added to a renamed middle section of the page, now called Ecstatic Meditation Peer-Mentorship.  There, I offer to assist those who are serious about arranging their entire lives around a rigorous and skillful contemplative practice.  Head to the link above for further details.  I look forward to working with the "chosen few"....

Also, I'd like to initiate a potentially-international Skype meditation group that meets weekly, at a time to be determined.  This way, we can remain in the comfort of our own homes, and all the prep-work that went into our local 2010 Boulder group (i.e, cleaning, cooking, brewing Chai tea) can be set aside, and all our energy can go into Silence.  Again, visit the Meditation page for details -- and if you're interested, let me know, and I'll get busy coordinating a time (or times) for our cyber-group to meet.

* * *

During the rest of my week, I'll be working on promoting the oracular portion of this site.  I know that the prices I charge may seem beyond reach for some of you, so I want to be more explicit about the "financial assistance" part of the deal (beginning by calling it something different, yes?).  I'll let'cha know when that's been firmed up.  When it comes to establishing a meditation practice that leads (among other things) to a release from various neuroses and a sense of overall well-being (despite possible appearances to the contrary), it may be helpful to have someone like me look at your chart, pull some cards, or offer dreamwork assistance.  Why?  Because, once we get behind the surface aspects of our life's drama, and we begin to see where we are in the cyclical unfoldment of our overarching process, we're able to relax the vigilance we exert in clinging to our fears, forebodings and other anxieties.  The point is to "clear the deck" even while opening to the meditation space -- which, for beginners especially, inevitably exposes those aspects of our being that we most ardently resist.  I don't wish money (or lack thereof) to prevent anyone from tapping these most valuable spiritual tools -- but, please know that this is my livelihood, and anything you can do by way of compensation keeps the boat afloat.

4/12/2011 07:41:02 am

As always... comments are welcomed and appreciated....;)

4/13/2011 12:20:37 am

A Skype-based meditation group for rigorous contemplatives, who are interested in a fruitful (phala) contemplative life sounds like a great idea.

4/13/2011 05:31:19 am

I agree, Jeffrey -- we'll see how the idea takes hold.


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