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Life may seem a little crazy for you -- there certainly are good astrological reasons for feeling harried and stressed -- so I'm offering a particular perspective (along with a set of tools) that may just bring enough succor to gain footing in bliss, joy and ecstasy.

My goal is to offer astrological and Tarot readings, combined with dreamwork and intuitive insight, as mediums through with clarity comes to the surface of our awareness.  Plans are also in the works for weekend retreats (possibly longer), workshops and teaching presentations.  This alone may be enough to satisfy your current needs -- knowing that certain cycles and patterns are alive in your life, so that you may adjust your beliefs, thoughts and emotions accordingly.

On the other hand, you may be moved to initiate more radical changes in your daily existence -- changes that lead to a rigorous and skillful ecstatic contemplative practice, around which the other elements of your life are arranged.  So, the second aspect of my goal here is to build a support community -- local and international -- designed to assist contemplatives in their practices.  An ongoing group meditation practice is being planned for those who live in or near Boulder.

So, if you've been led to read these words, you may just be thinking in terms of Big Change.  You are to be congratulated on your willingness to pass through the straight gate in order to follow the narrow way.

It's good to know you.

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